Michael Wolfe - Customer #1005
Sweet Corvette!!!! It's SOLD?!?!?!?!? Damn, I really wanted this car, it's so nice looking. Oh, thats right, it's MINE...Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!!!!
M. Wolfe, Virginia

Jerry Williams- Customer # 72
Hey how are you doing? I just wanted to let you know the Trans Am is doing great.

Ben Smith -Customer # 312 
Hello Anna,
I'm absolutely LOVING the car, thanks! Thanks again for all your help with the purchase of my car, and let me know if there is anything else you need.

Don Ryan- Customer # 1326
Sorry I didn't get a chance to meet you yesterday. I picked up the car and drove back to Atlanta. It ran strong and handled beautifully; very tight steering and suspension for a ten year old car. I have a few small things to fix and improve but thats part of the fun.

Mike Pendall - Customer # 941
Dear Kimberly,
WOW!!!! You weren't kidding when you told me this car is the "diamond in the rough"! I bet I looked at 100 so called "perfectionist" cars before I FINALLY found this baby.
Thanks again,
Mike Pendall
Dallas, TX

Stephanie Strong- Customer #1322
Thank you very much for everything- especially being so patient with me! We're very happy with the Viper and with our experience with not only Texas Toys but you personally. I'll definitely be referring people to you and letting them know how great everything was. I know from experience that buying a car can be a huge hassle to people- thanks again for making this pain-free and a fun experience!

Jaime Wade - Customer # 592
Hey Kimberly!
Just wanted to drop you a note of thanks for making my buying experience so AWESOME. I love my SL500. I was at the Mercedes dealership the other day and saw a car almost identical to mine and they were selling it for $10,000 MORE than I paid for mine from Texas Toys. I COULDN'T BELIEVE IT!!!!
Thank you so much for the great deal.

Jorge A Lopez- Customer #1297
Just wanted to say thank you..... I enjoyed the customer service and the quality of the cars that Texas Toys has to offer, I'm very happy with my BMW and I will refer my family and friends to you. And my next car is going to be from Texas Toys.
Thank you,
Jorge A. Lopez
Photographic Artist
Houston, Texas

Mark Lowenstine - Customer # 1268
Hi Anya,
I found the condition of the car to be just what I expected, thanks to your listing description and the inspection report.
The experience - my first buying a car sight unseen - was generally a good one. The process went pretty smoothly.
I appreciate your efforts.
Mark R. Lowenstine

Terry Alvarado - Customer #379
Just a quick note to tell you that everything worked out well with my Z, it’s a great car. You guys are the best.
I had to have the front tires replaced under the Nissan Warranty, which was cool also the front end alignment.
Which makes her almost perfect.. again, thanks for all you help. Next year I’m looking for a Jeep.
Thanks Terry Alvarado

Dennis and Janice - Customer # 1185
Hi, Anya.
We made it back to CA safe and sound. Wow! Is Texas a big state. I thought we'd never get home. We love the car. Thanks again for a great first-time car buying experience on the net.
Dennis and Janice

Greg Irvine- Customer # 1079
Great to hear from you Anya. I am enjoying the vehicle very much. I'm sure that we will do business again in the future.
Greg Irvine

Jim Moore- Customer # 336
$31,000 PURCHASE, The BEST transaction I've ever had on EBAY!! Tyger is awesome!

Paul Boinger - Customer # 497
Great to hear from you guys. I am enjoying the vehicle very much. I'm sure that we will do business again in the future.
Paul Boinger Kansas

George Floyd- Customer # 495
Hi Anya,
Everything went well with the 97 Suburban purchase. Had it shipped to Las Vegas, flew down and picked it up there. Detoured to Southern California to visit my family and then drove on up to Seattle where I picked up the wife and my son and then we bolted on up the highway.
Truck ran like a dream - no problems at all.
I have recommended your site to a couple others looking for vehicles as my experience was such a good one.
Thanks again for your assistance and for all the following information.
George C. Floyd

Steve Dedeaux- Customer # 1342
This car is a dream. It has the looks to turn heads and the power to whip them back. It was absoltely as advertised. Dealing with Texas Toys was both a delight and satisfying. I will definitely consider your dealership first when I am in the market for another car. Thank you for all your help during this deal. You have been an absolute angel dealing with me. I do appreciate it.
Steve Dedeaux

Helen - Customer #613
Howdy Anna,
I was just thinking about you as I was touring around in my "pretty blue car." It is a pleasure to drive and I am very happy with it.
Thanks again for your help and expertise.

Betsy Hernandez - Customer # 768
Dear Anya,
Thank you so much for the "WOW" experience of buying a car from a wholesale internet warehouse. You were so right about all those fancy freeway locations and their HUGE overhead. You saved me over $3,200 dollars on my BMW! Thanks again.
Betsy Hernandez
San Diego

Constantine Cristescu- Customer #219
Thank you for the greetings. Again is nice to deal with professional people. I already told couple of my friends about your store and what kind of service you deliver. I am happy with my purchase and maybe next year I will shop for a car. Definitely, I am going to check Texas Toys.
Sincerly, Constantine

Domingo Delgado - Customer # 1783
Thank you for the car of my dreams its ruining great and looking good. What about the warranty for my old car do you want me to mail it to yall or fax? If all goes well with this car I will defiantly buy my next car from you guys. So thanks again and I hope to see you guys in a couple of years when I'm looking for my next dream car.

Sungnam Choi- Customer # 490
The car runs great and again, thank you for all your assistance.

Gail & Dean Penrod- Customer # 157
We bought a '97 Red Cadillac from your firm. We are very pleased with it, would like to see what other cars you have for sale now. Please send me a link to check out.
Thanks.... Gail & Dean Penrod of Colbert, OK

Gina and Mike Bishop- Customer #965
Kimberly, Anya and Tyger:
We wanted to let you know how happy we are with the 1999 BMW Z3 purchased from your company, Texas Toys. As you know, it was delivered Wednesday evening--a pleasant surprise, being a lot sooner than we expected. The De Emce, Inc. driver, Donny McGlasson, was terrific, and very careful unloading it. It's everything we thought it would be, and more. We were skeptical about buying a car on the internet, but you changed our minds completely. You all were great to deal with--prompt, professional, and very responsive to our many questions about the vehicle throughout the sales process. You did everything you said you would, when you said you would, which gave is confidence in purchasing a vehicle from you. Looking back, it was an easy, no stress (except for the temporarily lost FedEx with our money in it!), no-hassle transaction, and even kind of fun! But what impressed us the most was, even after the sale, when we had questions about the manuals and extra keys, our e-mail inquiry was answered right away.
We truly are having "fun in the sun" with our little roadster. Thanks again for everything!!!
Gina & Mike Bishop

Bil Moore- Customer # 421
Sean is really stoked about the car.

Barry Gluck - Customer # 358
Just wanted to let you know that we are very pleased with the Boxster. The trip back to CA was most enjoyable and the car performed flawlessly.
Anyway, thanks for a nice car and a pleasant transaction.
Barry Gluck

Lee D - Customer # 850
Greetings From Las Vegas. The Techno Violet M3 runs Incredibly. I am very happy with the eBay experience. All known squawks (that you informed me of ahead of time) were remedied by a local BMW dealer under factory warranty.
Lee D.

Reid Coley - Customer # 802
I drove home on the West Virginia turnpike, (I went out of my way to take that route) it was like driving in a video game... that car on the curves was incredible. I finally had to pull over at the end because my cheeks hurt from smiling so much :)
Reid Coley- 99 BMW Z3 Coupe- Hinkley OH.

Rodger Dalton - Customer # 1089
Hi Anna,
Yes the car has been wonderful! My girlfriend and I have been taking it on trips almost every weekend.
You were very nice to deal with...a perfect buying experience. If I come across someone in the market for a high end vehicle I'll definitely send them your way!
Take care!

Captain Saylor - Customer # 1578
James, 4/24/05
Just want to say thanks for getting to work with you during the process and headache of the vette! It is awesome and I hope to deal with ya again later on.
I highly recommend yall to anybody! Yall are the best!
Talk later!
Captain Saylors

Rene- Customer # 1002
Hey Anya,
I absolutely LOVE my roadster. I had no idea how much fun it would be to drive. It's above and beyond my wildest dreams.
I am so glad to hear from you as it has given me the opportunity to stop and do what I have been intending to do ever since we got back from Houston - and that is to e-mail you and tell you how great it was to work with you. From being picked up at the airport in a stretch limo-to meeting you in person-to seeing the "M" looking as beautiful as the pictures- our experience was first class.
I have told many people about you folks and I tell them to check out your web site first when they are in the market for another vehicle. We sing your praises every day to someone- hopefully it will bring you some business.
Thank you again for everything you did to make our trip to Houston a delight.
Keep in touch,

Carson- Customer #103
Hey Anna,
This is Carson from Ebay who purchased the wonderful 1999 emerald green Honda Accord EX. I wanted to say thanks for the card you mailed us and all your help during the purchasing process. I wanted to let you know we left you wonderful feedback on ebay to up you all's points and I hope you will do the same for us. Thanks for your help, we truly do appreciate it and we are highly recomending you to others in this area. Look forward to possibly doing business again with you one day. Keep in touch. Thanks.

Brent Williams - Customer # 222
It was certainly worth flying down to Houston from Michigan to pick up the CR-V. It's a great car, just as it was described. And, what a deal! Thank you so much for the great buying experience.
Brent A. W.

Pat Cremin - Customer #532
Hot--runs great--very cool.

2001 BMW X5
Wade Kirkpatrick
Tyger and Anya, Karen and I love the new X5. Karen has been nothing but smiles since we brought it home. I have to say this was the smoothest and fastest vehicle purchase I have ever experienced. Thank you so much for your help. Vehicle is extremely clean, runs great and looks really nice in the garage of our new home. We look forward to doing business with you again and have already told a number of our friends about our positive experience with your company.
Wade Kirkpatrick Richmond, Texas

John Thorson- Customer # 516
The Jeep arrived Friday night. It looks good. Thanks again for all your help. It is a good thing I had it for the drive into work this morning. We are in the midst of a pretty good snow storm, about 3 inches so far and still coming. I think it would have been kind of tough driving my Roadster today.

Gene Letner - Customer # 981
The Audi A8 I purchased from you folks arrived yesterday. It looks great! Thanks a lot for your help in getting the car to me. You made the whole process very easy for me and I certainly do appreciate it.
Gene Letner

Hamis J - Customer #731
Kimberly, I have to tell you that this Lexus SC300 is with out a doubt the nicest car I have ever come across, beyond my wildest expectations, My friend Sandy will be calling you about the 2001 Prowler on your website . Thanks again for the best buying car experience I ever had!!

Reatta Siepiela - Customer # 82
The Corvette was EXACTLY how you described. I was told by EVERYONE I shopped before you how "perfect" their cars were. Then, when I saw the cars I would find out that their idea of perfect and my idea of perfect are NOT the same thing. What a waste of time!!! Thanks for not playing games with me and for providing me with my DREAM CAR!!
Reatta Siepiela

Samer Saba - Customer # 3
Hi, Anya!
How are you. Everything is going very well with the 740il. Thanks very much. If you're ever in Kansas City, stop by and see me. I work at the BMW dealership. Thanks again.

Dan Joslyn - Customer #293
Wanted to let you all know how happy I am with my 2000 Prowler I purchased from you in July of this year. The car was all you said it would be, love it and would recommend you to anyone that is interested in owning a cool car, I'm wintering in South Texas and plan on stopping in on my way back to Michigan this spring. By the way I drove my prowler from Michigan to Harlingen TX. I enjoyed it, thanks again, and Happy Holidays to all at TexasToys, and Kimberly, my sales rep.
Dan Joslyn